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He checked his wife’s phone and saw text messages between her and my husband. My stomach fell out from under me.

If It Were Me, I'd Want To Know

Sometimes, we feel like they would change, feel true remorse and come crawling back if they could understand the depths of despair they caused.

Ways to Get Revenge on Your Cheating Partner

All I could do that week was sob, hysterically sob and compulsively take showers. I felt so dirty, and so much shame I didn’t think I would survive.

Devastating Moment Mum Discovers His Affairs

26 percent of men and 16 percent of women have admitted to having sex with someone else while married. And those numbers only get higher with age

The New Video Series That Helps You Get Over An Affair

Melissa Davis, an affair survivor, joins us today to talk about healing after an affair. It is never an easy conversation and a lot of women are facing this subject.

Healing After an Affair with Melissa Davis


But now, there is hope of getting help and guidance for speedy healing and recovery for every hurt partner in an affair.

Solution for the Hurt Partner in an Affair


She continually asked herself, What did I do wrong? Was I not good enough? She questioned everything. 

Turning Sorrow and Heartache Into a Passion for Helping Others


The hard truth is that cheaters lie. That’s how they’ve been able to be unfaithful. And they often keep lying after the affair has been uncovered.

What Happens When You Discover Your Spouse Is Unfaithful

affair recovery after baby

Finding out your partner is having an affair when you have a new baby? This new chapter in your life can feel unbearable. Unsurvivable.

Dealing with Adultery as a New Mom


What do you do if/when you find out the person you love is having an affair?

Surviving And Thriving After An Affair with Melissa Davis