He Cheated On Me - 3 Things I Wish I Knew After He Cheated

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

There are about 1000 things I wish I knew after he cheated or wish I did differently, but for today, I'll stick to the top three.

1. It's not my fault he cheated.

We immediately think about all that we lack after we find out they cheated: I'm not pretty enough, sexy enough, I didn't listen enough... But I am here to tell you that you are enough. Did you hear me? You are enough. I can be lonely, depressed, unsatisfied, bored, you name it and still choose to be faithful. So, don't put their choices on you. You did not choose to cheat. This was not your fault.

2. Don't hide from the pain.

I wasted away for three long, terrible years trying to hide and run from the pain. No matter what you choose to cover up the pain, it is still there waiting. The pain will affect your physical body. I had headaches, neck and back pain. The pain will affect your friendships and your children. The pain shows up and takes us out in the form of anxiety and panic attacks. Move through the pain instead of trying to move over the pain. Trust me, this is easier in the long run.

3. You have to actually heal.

Boo! No one told me I would have to focus on myself! I was so focused on trying to get help for my cheating husband and desperately trying to fix our marriage after adultery. I never stopped and tried to find help for myself. Shoot, I didn't know I needed help! Did you know you have to heal from all this crap? (Of course, you did! That's why you are here. Good.) Allow yourself to heal, make time for your healing, find help and guidance.

Do you struggle with any of these issues?

✔️Terrifying Anxiety

✔️Uncontrollable Fear

✔️Racing and Obsessive Thoughts

✔️Painful Flashbacks

✔️Unhealthy Boundaries

✔️Utter Loneliness 

✔️Lack of Healing

✔️PTSD from their Affair

✔️Crippling Depression

✔️Seemingly Never-Ending Grief

Don't worry, you DO have the strength to heal from this!

Our recommendation? Find meaningful guidance, community with others going through the same trauma, and healing!

We know how hard it is to heal after being cheated on and believe that no one deserves to live a broken life. 

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  • Begin your path towards healing and becoming stronger, braver and more whole than ever before!

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