​Co-Parenting with the Cheating Ex

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Dealing with and healing from an affair is a nightmare! Healing AND learning to co-parent with an ex after their affair is even harder!

The hardest thing, in my opinion, is the unfairness of it all. You were playing by the marriage and family rules: take care of the kids, work hard, be kind, go on date night, run errands, plan family outings... All the while you were lied to, manipulated and cheated on and now you don't get to see your children all the time! What? When you are in the thick of grieving the loss of your marriage and the life you thought was yours, this can feel like too much to bear. Honestly, this was the most difficult part of my recovery.

In this video, we are speaking to those of you who separated or are about to separate, due to their adultery. Learning how to co-parent after an affair is not easy and today we want to talk about how to approach this with your children and shifting your mindset. You will not be perfect at this, but we do want you to keep trying and keep pushing, because this is about your children. We can do anything for our kids, right? We want only the best for them. The best right now may just be a mom or dad who loves and supports their need to love their cheating parent too.

Do you struggle with any of these issues?

✔️Terrifying Anxiety

✔️Uncontrollable Fear

✔️Racing and Obsessive Thoughts

✔️Painful Flashbacks

✔️Unhealthy Boundaries

✔️Utter Loneliness 

✔️Lack of Healing

✔️PTSD from their Affair

✔️Crippling Depression

✔️Seemingly Never-Ending Grief

Don't worry, you DO have the strength to heal from this! Our recommendation?

Find meaningful guidance, community with others going through the same trauma, and healing!

We know how hard it is to heal after being cheated on and believe that no one deserves to live a broken life. 

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