Affair Recovery

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Here is what sucks about affair recovery. You, the hurt partner, are on this spiral of what feels like never-ending ups and downs. You think that you are finally having a good day and then the smallest thing will trigger your thoughts and once again you are a crying mess in the corner.

If you pay close attention and are willing to do the hard work of doing affair recovery well, you will see that your endless spiral is slowly going up.

Patience is key here. I mean, a ridiculous amount of patience.

I would finally be having a good day and then one of my little triggers would pop up out of nowhere and I would be blubbering mess once again. (One of my triggers was the color green. Green is everywhere.)

It is time to focus on you. You have been through hell and it's going to take some time to be happy and whole again. We get one life and we want it to be the very best. We cannot control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we handle devastation when it comes our way.

"There must be a reason why I went through this?" This question consumed me.

I was the unsuspecting mother of 3-year-old and 3-month-old daughters when I discovered my husband's many affairs. The life I thought was mine, was all a lie.

How did I not know? Am I that stupid? 

Several of my close friends were involved, I couldn't trust anyone. I isolated myself, I took 10 showers a day (attempting to scrub away the dirtiness I felt), holding my tears back when I was with my girls was all I could handle. 

I was full of shame. Not sure why, but I was?

I was alone. I was broken.

Why? Why did this happen? Why?

After a couple of years, friends started to reach out and share that they were going through the same thing. I mentored them, loved them, listened to them...

This was it!!! This was the beauty from my ashes.

Never again do I want another person to discover their partner's affair and attempt to navigate the grieving and healing process alone. 


Do you struggle with any of these issues?

✔️Terrifying Anxiety

✔️Uncontrollable Fear

✔️Racing and Obsessive Thoughts

✔️Painful Flashbacks

✔️Unhealthy Boundaries

✔️Utter Loneliness 

✔️Lack of Healing

✔️PTSD from their Affair

✔️Crippling Depression

✔️Seemingly Never-Ending Grief

Don't worry, you DO have the strength to heal from this!

Our recommendation? Find meaningful guidance, community with others going through the same trauma, and healing!

We know how hard it is to heal after being cheated on and believe that no one deserves to live a broken life. 

With After the Affair you receive access to:

  • An affair recovery video session once a week for 8 weeks, guiding you through the healing process required after their affair.

  • Watch sessions around your schedule and as often as you would like.

  • Weekly healing exercises to guide you through your pain

  • You receive unlimited access to our amazing support group on Facebook

Begin your path towards healing and becoming stronger, braver and more whole than ever before!

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