Is After the Affair for you?

After the Affair is an online affair recovery program. Our focus is on you, the hurt partner. There are many programs out there that are geared at mending your relationship, but we believe that there is a need out there that is not being met. You. You have been through a serious trauma and it must be addressed. After we discover an affair, we are riddled with flashbacks, anxiety, fear, poor self-esteem… You name it, life gets really hard, really fast. So, we got to work (for the last three years) making this program so that you could come out the other side, a stronger, wiser, healthier version of yourself. We want you to look back on this terrible time and be extremely proud of yourself and who you’ve become.


How does After the Affair work?

First, you join After the Affair. Then we will send you eight weekly videos, each followed up with “homework” for you to apply what you have learned. The videos feature three affair recovery experts walking you through the necessary steps to heal properly after you discover an affair. You watch them when your schedule allows and as many times as you like while you are a member. We also offer a private Facebook group for members. After the Affair is designed to be a “get to the point,” practical path to healing for those looking for help and willing to do the work to heal.


Can couples enroll in this mentorship program?

Sure, this program was designed for you, the hurt partner, but it can’t hurt for your partner to see what you are going through to heal and learn to give you the space and support you need to heal.


What is After the Affair’s cancellation policy?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Once you cancel your subscription further monthly charges will cease. All charges paid prior to cancellation will remain in effect. You’ll retain access to the previously paid subscription until it expires. No refund is available for monthly subscriptions.


The affair was years ago, is After the Affair still for me?

Everyone’s healing process is different, so let me try to help. These sessions discuss topics like anxiety, fear, depression, flashbacks, triggers, grieving, trauma, boundaries, your new reality... I think that how much you have healed can only be determined by you. If you feel like there is still pain and trauma that you struggle with and need to address at this point, then YES, this would be perfect for you. To me, the fact that you are even here asking that question may mean that you know you still have some work to do on your own healing. That makes me very proud of you for reaching out!


The affair was not physical, they were into porn, internet dating and sexting, is After the Affair for me?

Yes, I believe that betrayal can take many forms, but the pain and its effects are the same on our lives, hearts and minds. We are left broken, full of shame, anxiety, and no self-esteem, right? I know I was. Some of the topics we cover are: trauma recovery, creating a support system, grief, boundaries, reactions, reality, flashbacks, depression, anxiety and fear. I’m willing to bet that you may be struggling with all or most of these areas. If you are, then this program would be perfect for you if you are truly seeking a healed and full life.


Does it ever get better?

I am so sorry you are in this place. I felt the exact same way. I remember feeling jealous of people for smiling. Seriously. It is a long and tough road, but YES, it does get better. Think about everything hard you have faced so far. Hasn’t it made you stronger, wiser, bolder? This is your silver lining. You will feel stronger, one day.