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After the Affair Overview

After the Affair was made by the cheated for the cheated. Meaning that we wanted to create a down and dirty, let's get to the point, way to help people heal from their partner's unfaithfulness. We wanna know what to do about our racing and obsessive thoughts now, not after 7 months of therapy sessions that cost a fortune.


In 8 weekly videos we will cover topics like: trauma recovery, creating a support system, grief, PTSD, boundaries, reactions, reality, flashbacks, depression, anxiety and fear. For each subscription, we give away a subscription to those in need. Members can watch recorded videos when their schedule allows and as often as they would like. 




We are strong believers of supporting our affiliates to be as successful as possible. We provide articles, images and compelling copy to help you reach and connect people to life-changing help. Our commission rates are set at a competitive 20% of the total 2-month subscription (a $70 value).




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